Malta’s Tourist Industry Defies Pandemic, Generates €2 Billion from 2.3 Million Visitors in 2022

Despite the global impact of the pandemic, Malta’s tourist industry managed to achieve 83% of the arrivals in 2019. In 2022, the country was visited by 2.3 million tourists who generated a total income of €2 billion.

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Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo predicts a 5% increase in tourist arrivals for 2023 and highlights the commitment of the operators in the industry, which is considered the backbone of Malta’s economy. He attributes the positive results to the continued efforts to improve connectivity and the trend of tourists staying close to home, resulting in increased arrivals from countries like Italy and France.

The Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority, Gavin Gulia, emphasizes the importance of not just increasing the quantity of tourists but also improving the quality of the tourist experience. This would raise the profile of the tourist visiting the country and increase the added value in terms of tourism.