Being an English-speaking country with a pro-business environment, Malta can be your ideal base for expansion in the European Union and China. We provide a wide range of business services to help you set up your company in Malta. For investors, we have the right commercial real estate for sale in Malta.

For entrepreneurs, we have the right business idea to start your business in Malta.

Malta is a gateway to the rest of Europe and beyond. It is the ideal location for your business because it is a country that facilitates economic growth and innovation. It provides a conducive environment for businesses to grow.  Malta is the perfect base for your business because it offers:

  • A highly educated and  multilingual workforce
  • A strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea
  • A business-friendly environment
  • A favourable tax regime
  • A high quality of life for employees
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Reputation Driven

Base Malta is reputation, not profit driven. That's why you might have heard good things about us!


We provide a complete one-stop shop for setting up your business in Malta or selling your product in China.

We go beyond what is expected from a consultancy firm and provide advice on matters such as corporate structuring, accounting, compliance, and so much more. Base Malta’s team of experts hold up-to-date expertise and experience in setting up and running businesses in Malta and China. 

From getting a Chinese company licence for your business idea to setting up a distribution network all over the country, Base  Malta has you covered. Our services for your business in China start with our Chinese business partners who will advise you on the best way to set up your business. We then assist you with all the documentation needed to set up your business in China. 

With a team of Chinese language interpreters and consultants, Base Malta can assist you with every step of your business dealings in China. We will help you with setting up meetings with Chinese companies, advise you on how to close the deal, and help you with all the paperwork. Base Malta will also be there to help you whenever you need a Chinese interpreter.  

We have assisted many companies with their entry into the Chinese market, and we can do the same for you. This is why the outcome of our work is always to the customers’ satisfaction

Alliance Member of Base International

International Investments       Management Consulting Associates

Reputation Driven

Base Malta is reputation, not profit driven. That's why you might have heard good things about us!

Our Vision

To provide the most diversified and professional investment options that suit your needs and ensure you have a serene and prospective future

Why Choose Our Firm


One Stop Shop

In a nutshell, Base Malta Ltd’s services are centred around business consultancy to foreign companies seeking to set up a base in Europe. Furthermore we specialise in Immigration, Maritime and Aviation services. Therefore we offer a one stop shop for companies, their directors and families to become truly European.

Agile & Dynamic Team

Our services are delivered by an agile & dynamic team consisting of business consultants, commercial & industrial specialized legal advisors, licensed accountants and auditors. Establishing a company in Malta through Base Malta is surprisingly straight-forward, enjoyable and most importantly profitable. Because our team is experienced and distinct, every aspect of your venture will be well taken care of and professionally handled. Moreover your company’s association to ours will propagate trust locally.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Base Malta also offers business consultancy services for tendering, submitting expressions of interest, funding applications, authorisations, development permits, assistance in negotiations with local entities and businesses, banking solutions, government subsidized factory or office space applications, customs clearance, education management, project management and others...


Base Malta is the premier business service provider for all your needs in China. We are here to make sure you get the best products and services at the most competitive prices. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process, from finding the right product to shipping it safely and securely. We also offer mediation services should you experience any warranty issues or other litigation that may arise. With Base Malta, you can rest assured knowing that your business needs are taken care of!

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