€194 Million Cohesion Fund Launched for Environmental, Energy, and Infrastructure Investment

A €194 million fund was introduced today with a focus on environmental investment in sectors related to sustainable development and energy. Chris Bonett, the EU funds parliamentary secretary, explained that the investment will support sustainable urban mobility and the transition to a more environmentally-friendly economy.

Infrastructure upgrades will be made to roads, ports, and water access and management systems as part of the transition to a circular economy.

electric vehicle

The parliamentary secretary emphasized the importance of a greener infrastructure, and the fund will assist the transport and energy ministries in their journey towards climate neutrality by providing resources for the installation of electric vehicle charging points and other green infrastructure initiatives. €7 million of the funds will be dedicated to installing more charging stations for electric vehicles in Malta and Gozo.

As part of the comprehensive plan for a sustainable road transport future, the parliamentary secretary announced a call for applications for the transport and energy ministries to implement proposed environmental interventions. These interventions will form part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and aim to improve the development of alternative fuels and the use of clean vehicles.