New Opportunity Alert: Call for proposals for Investment in up to 19MW Renewable Energy Plants

Opportunity Alert – Exciting news for green energy investors! The Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) has just announced a call for private investment in renewable energy plants. This initiative aims to produce 19 megawatts of clean electricity.

opportunity alertThe government announced that it is committed to reducing carbon emissions and is seeking private-sector involvement to drive this shift to renewable energy. Investors can apply between May 22 and 30 to build a renewable energy plant that produces a minimum of one megawatt of energy. Selected investors will have the opportunity to produce a total of 19 megawatts available in the scheme.  Application forms for this opportunity will be available from Friday, 17th February.

Applicable projects vary from building a renewable energy plant on abandoned landfills, roofs, disused stone quarries, or car park tops.

The government is committed to paying €30 million for energy from projects in this scheme over 20 years.