Are you thinking of starting a new venture? Maybe sometimes you have wondered if you could import directly from China, if there is a language barrier, whether you’ll understand each other correctly, or whether you’ll receive the right products as ordered.

Don’t waste more time! Base Malta offers a service to assist you with all your business needs in China. We can hand hold you from finding the right product, to shipping it successfully to Malta.  We will also assist you with mediation services if you have warranty issues or other litigation. 

All in all, doing business with China can be a very profitable experience! Don’t miss out!

Some of our Services

• Company background checks – basic and detailed

• Product and manufacturer sourcing

• Inspections during manufacturing of products

• Inspection of products during loading for shipment

• Negotiating and drafting of business relationship agreements under Chinese and European laws

• Mediation in cases of disputes

• Legal services ranging from legal letters to full court cases

• Recovery of funds

• Sourcing obsolete spare parts

• Registration of Trade Marks

Other bespoke services can be provided as necessary


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If your company is in the business of manufacturing, food and beverage production, or is a provider of other goods and services which may have a potential market in China, you have come to the right place. At Base Malta we have a vast network of agents, service providers, importers, distributors, and retailers seeking new products to add to their portfolio. Base Malta can make sure that you have the whole country covered and augment the profile of your product through specialized Chinese marketing, boosting your success. 

Base Malta has been participating in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) since its first edition in 2018. The CIIE is a large-scale trade fair held annually in Shanghai, China, that aims to promote imports and international trade. Base Malta has a pavilion in the heart of the event’s venue, the G-Hub Complex, the Base Malta Shanghai Outlet, where all year round, Maltese businesses can showcase their products to service providers and importers across Asia. 

audit, report, verification

Chinese company background check

New supplier from China? Not sure how genuine they are? Base Malta’s due diligence checks start from only 118 and will give you information about any Chinese company you may be looking into conducting business with. We will check their legitimacy, the company shareholders,  court cases, Chinese social media reviews, and more. We can even do physical spot checks and quality assurance checks.  Contact us for more info.


Legal Assistance And Mediation

Base Malta can directly offer mediation assistance in cases of dispute with Chinese parties, such as manufacturers/traders and other similar cases. If mediation fails, we can offer legal services through our legal partners in China. Our partners, Jingsh Law Firm are present in every region, thus can provide a very direct and efficient service.

The firm has a team of around 7000 lawyers and legal experts from prestigious universities, and have a presence in key cities throughout China and established relationships with local enterprises and alliances with over 300 law firms in China. The firm with a complement of around 30,000 employees.


Chinese Business Setup

Looking to establish a business in China? We are experienced in Chinese business setups, and more importantly, we speak your language! We will ensure that you understand every obligation and implication of setting up a business in China, keeping you and your operations safe and helping you turn your venture in another success!


Product Adaptation

Think coffee and tea, spaghetti and noodles, ravioli and dumplings. Certain products may have developed perfectly for their current market in Europe, America or elsewhere. But are they as appealing to Chinese consumers? Are they suitable for the Chinese market?  At Base Malta we regularly carry out market studies and assist companies with product re-development to make sure their products are compatible and appealing to the Chinese Market. The results of these studies vary from the tweaking of the product to slight changes in the design of the packaging. When your products go through this process, it means they will have an immediate positive impact on agents and importers considering whether to test your products on the market, as well as success once the product hits the Chinese market. Furthermore, it ensures customers will be compelled to make good reviews online and on popular Chinese social media, enticing more consumers to buy the product.