Base Malta entrusted with promoting Kinnie in the People’s Republic of China.

KinnieBase Malta and Farsons have entered into an agreement to introduce the iconic Maltese beverage, Kinnie, to the vast Chinese market. This collaboration aims to leverage the unique Mediterranean flavours and characteristics of Kinnie, while tapping into the immense potential of China’s consumer base, now exceeding 1.4 billion people.

As part of this endeavour, Base Malta will use its outlet in the prestigious Shanghai Expo (CIIE) – a permanent exhibition venue catering to business representatives seeking foreign quality products for importation into China. This platform is a golden opportunity for the Maltese popular beverage to gain traction among influential decision-makers and establish a strong presence in the Chinese market.

In addition to the Shanghai Expo, Kinnie will be promoted in major outlets and supermarkets across China. This distribution strategy will ensure that the beverage gains widespread visibility and becomes a household name in the country.

Market Research and Focus Groups:

To verify Kinnie’s chances of success in China, Base Malta has conducted extensive market research, including a series of tests and focus groups with Chinese participants. This rigorous analysis determined the suitability of Kinnie’s unique flavour and setting for the Chinese palate. Base Malta COO Ms. Yolanda Dong, revealed that the results obtained were highly encouraging, demonstrating that Kinnie’s distinctive Mediterranean and herbal profile is well suited to appeal to China’s vast consumer base.

Due to the importance of tailoring marketing efforts to the specific needs and preferences of the Chinese audience, Base Malta will be carrying out a series of adaptations of the marketing designs to appeal better to the local taste. The objective of this customized approach is to ensure that Kinnie’s messaging resonates with Chinese consumers and paves the way for the establishment of a strong brand in the country.