Base Malta’s COO Discusses Immigration Programs with Maltese Minister”

Base Malta partner and COO Yolanda Dong recently met with Minister for Home Affairs, Law Enforcement and National Security, Byron Camilleri to discuss immigration programs.

During the meeting, Dong and Camilleri discussed the services offered by Base Malta Ltd, which focus on business consultancy for foreign companies looking to establish a base in Europe. In addition to providing immigration, maritime, and aviation services,
the company offers a one-stop shop for companies, their directors, and their families to become European.

As a leading provider of business and immigration services, Base Malta is committed to helping foreign companies navigate the complex process of setting up a base in Europe. The company’s team of expert consultants works closely with clients to ensure that
they have all the information and support they need to make their transition to Europe as smooth as possible.

Dong emphasized the importance of having a strong relationship with the Maltese government in order to better serve clients and help them succeed in the European market.

Camilleri praised Base Malta for its commitment to helping foreign companies establish a presence in Europe and expressed his support for the company’s efforts to provide top-quality services to its clients.

Overall, the meeting between Dong and Camilleri was productive and provided an opportunity for Base Malta to continue its strong partnership with the Maltese government. As a leading provider of business and immigration services, Base Malta is dedicated to
helping foreign companies succeed in Europe.