Air Malta flies to Libya once again


After the seven year long absence, on 1st July, Air Malta flew to Libya. Last time Air Malta operated its last scheduled service to Tripoli International Airport was in July 2014 as flights to Benghazi were suspended following the closure of the airport in May 2014.

This unscheduled flight to Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport was led by Air Malta’s executive chairperson and Finance Minister, Clyde Caruana who, after his one-day visit, said that seeing an Air Malta plane land on Libyan grounds once again was ‘a positive sign.’

The main points of the agenda were to resume flights between Malta and Tripoli and to visit by aviation security experts from Interior Ministry at Tripoli and Misurata Airport.

“ We must continue working together to see progress in aviation. Malta and Libya supported each other on many fronts over the past decades, and we will continue strengthening this strong relationship between the two peoples.”

High officials have stated that the flight services between the two countries will benefit and increase cooperation on multiple aspects including economic, social and cultural.

Base Malta notes that this development will also mean that Chinese companies will find it easier to make business with Libya through Malta.