First Maltese Export of Bluefin Tuna Reaches Chinese Market at CIIE, Coordinated by Base Malta

In a historic moment for trade and cultural exchange, the first shipment of Maltese bluefin tuna has arrived at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) grounds. On the 3rd of November, this highly anticipated product made its debut, marking Malta’s entry into the vast Chinese marketplace. This strategic move, diligently coordinated by Base Malta, heralds a new era of Malta-China trade relations.

Described as a milestone in the two countries’ trading partnership, the agreement was signed on Friday between Foreign Minister Ian Borg and the Chinese Vice President for public health in Beijing.

The signing of the export agreement between the Maltese and Chinese governments has been more than just a formal procedure—it is the fruit of two years of dedicated work, facilitated by Base Malta’s unwavering commitment to excellence and cultural synergy. The organization’s active participation in the CIIE is a testament to its role in promoting Malta’s economic interests abroad.

Base Malta, having anchored its operations in China since 2001 and established a permanent office in 2005, has been pivotal in paving the way for Maltese businesses to expand their horizons. Their involvement in the export of bluefin tuna is a clear display of their continued efforts to promote Maltese commerce on an international scale, combining the island’s rich heritage with modern trade dynamics.

Malta’s presence at the Expo, running from the 5th to the 10th of November, is not only a platform for showcasing the distinguished bluefin tuna but also an opportunity to engage with the global community in the post-Covid era. The Maltese stand, carefully curated by Base Malta, will be an exhibition of Malta’s gastronomic delights, a place where taste meets tradition and innovation.

Dr. Ian Borg, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, will inaugurate the stand, emphasizing the significance of this occasion. His presence is a strong signal of the potential that the Maltese government sees in this newfound access to the Chinese market.

As the CIIE progresses, Base Malta will continue to provide assistance, ensuring the seamless integration of Malta’s offerings into the fabric of the Expo. The organization’s role as a facilitator and coordinator reaffirms Malta’s vision of building strong, sustainable trade relations with partners across the globe.

As Base Malta assists with the CIIE event until the 10th of November, this represents not just a singular event but a continuum of Malta’s growing global influence, nurtured through strategic alliances and cultural diplomacy.