Invitation for Tourism Operators: Promoting and Providing Tourism Services in Malta and other Parts of Europe.

As part of the post-covid renaissance, which has just started in China, Base Malta is inviting tourism operators to submit proposals for promoting and providing tourism services in Malta and other parts of Europe. The tourism services shall be promoted through Base Malta’s extensive network, B2B outlets, and digital platforms across China. With a strong network of tour operators across China, Base Malta is well-equipped to attract a steady stream of Chinese tourists. Thus, Base Malta is seeking to establish partnerships with operators that can provide a comprehensive and memorable tourism experience to visitors. 

Base Malta has established a solid presence in China, opening its first office in Guangzhou in 2005, in Shanghai in November 2018 and more operations in the years after.

One of its principal expositions is located in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) complex, with the Base Malta Shanghai outlet becoming a permanent export and foreign services display and serving as a hub for promoting Malta with Chinese and other Asian tourism operators.  

CIIE Tourism
Tourism Services - Base Malta pavillion
Tourism Services - Base Malta pavillion
Tourism Services - Base Malta pavillion

Outside Shanghai, Road trips utilising our partners’ offices across China, plus permanent promotions at our partners’ outlet in Nanjing road, will be organized on a regular basis. This outlet alone sees over 10,000 daily visitors.

The services we are looking for include flights (including chartered flights), accommodation, event organisers, various tours, including tours of Malta and specialized European tours, culinary courses, and photography competitions.

If you are interested in providing any of the above services, kindly submit your interest to 

The proposal can include one or more of the services mentioned above.