Company Services

Different structures need different solutions. At Base Malta we offer different CSP services for different companies, depending on their size, structure and domiciliation. Everything however happens within the context of high level of service policy. This ensures the service is impeccable and in the best interest of the client. We regularly update our clients with news and new opportunities such as funding and tax incentives, and offers to assist in application process for such opportunities.

Investment Migration

Whatever the reason you decide invest in a foreign country, it is always very useful to know what is being offered elsewhere, what the different opportunities are, safety in different host countries, possible hostility towards different ethnicities, weather, economy, taxes, healthcare and many other factors. With Base Malta you can do this independently and swiftly by having insights about different countries, plus the ability to proceed with any decision you make. 

China Legal Consulting

Many businesses nowadays carry out business transactions with China. However, sometimes things do not go the right way, and friction can develop between the two parties .Our Chinese legal team offers legal consulting services on different levels, starting from non-legal/intermediary advice, to junior legal advice and ultimately senior lawyers. We can also offer other services in China, such as protecting and registering your IP, due diligence of companies, and if things turn really bad, even open law suits in China on your behalf.

Oversea Properties

We have at hand verified quality properties in Malta, guaranteeing  an enjoyable residence and profitable investment. Whether you decide to buy a property for personal use or as a pure investment, we have the right property for you.