Reiterating the government’s commitment to promoting environmental reform in the marine industry, the PM announces new offices for REMPEC.

The REMPEC center, which is operated by the U.N. International Maritime Organization, works closely with Mediterranean nations to help them prevent environmental disasters at sea, including oil spills from ships. The 45-year-old facility also acts as a manual for putting Mediterranean maritime treaties into effect.

IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim referred to the opening of the offices as the beginning of a new chapter for REMPEC and credited the success of the center in Malta to the close cooperation between IMO, the United Nations, and the Maltese Government.

The new offices, according to REMPEC’s director Gabino Gonzales, would improve the organization’s operations.

The Maltese Government’s support for the environmental change in the maritime industry was reaffirmed by Prime Minister Abela. He claimed that this sector makes up 14% of the Maltese economy and added that the importance of the maritime sector should not only be considered from a business perspective but also in terms of the environment and the preservation of marine life. Dr. Abela stated that Malta looks forward to continuing to support the Mediterranean Sea and its nations.