Malta and Cyprus stand tall as covid wreaks havoc in Europe

May 9, 2020

While Italy, Spain and the UK struggle to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mediterranean islands as well as Greece are standing out as model countries to learn from.

With very low mortality rates (to date 5 in Malta and 15 in Cyprus), the two countries are faring extremely well and top the EU list for best practices against the virus. 

Most of Maltese patients have made a full recovery, with only 80 still needing treatment. In Cyprus, close to 50% have recovered, and around 491 remain in treatment. Both countries have only registered between one and two cases per day during the last 20 days.

Greece is also faring relatively well, although the number of deaths from the virus currently stands at 150.

The World Health Organization recently labeled Malta as a model country that is showing others the way to tackle Covid-19.

All three countries are considering safe corridors of travel to countries where Covid-19 is under control. Can China, where Covid-19 has been under control for a good number of days, be one of them?

In Turkey, although the situation is improving, it is still far from under control. With the number of new cases just below 2,000 for the first time since March, it is hoped the downward trend will continue. 136,000 people have been confirmed positive for the virus, and 3,689 deaths have been registered. 86,396 have recovered.